Businessmen Can Stay with Android

There are plenty of people who swear by the iPhone, but that does not mean you have to make that choice, too. While the iPhone certainly has a lot of features, there are also plenty of people who are sorry that they made the switch from the Android to the iPhone. The good news is, the Android is better than ever.

The Android today is much different than the older versions, so much so that many people actually made the switch from their iPhones to the Android this year. This was following multiple unresolved issues with the iPhone in the face of an Android that was coming on strong with new features and more service plans than the iPhone had to offer, including unlimited prepaid plans for existing Android users.

Since the Android costs significantly less than the iPhone, and, for some, is easier to navigate, it’s hard to tell which phone is the most popular one today. Since you can accept credit cards on Android phones now, there is really no reason to make the switch.

If you can do everything your business requires of you, including the ability to accept credit card payment on Android phone plans, why would you bother to make the switch to the iPhone? No one is asking iPhone users to make the switch to the Android, but, at the same time, it is time for Android users to take pride in what they already have. The fact that this phone shows no signs of losing momentum is a good sign that Android users should stay right where they are and look to the future for even better performance.

Choose the Best Credit Card Reader

Choose the Best Credit Card Reader

If you do any kind of sales away from a store and you expect your business to realize success, you almost have to have a mobile credit card reader. There are plenty of options to choose from when you make the decision to use this method of payment. Now you just need to know what your options are and what will best serve you and your clients.

Security is the first thing you need to worry about. You do not want your company to join the ranks of other companies like Target, which have seen credit card theft come and go in numbers too vast for the average person to deal with. If you can’t offer secure credit card payments, then don’t offer credit card payments at all. Some companies only offer encryption once the information reaches their server, while others offer encryption from the moment the card is swiped. End to end encryption is definitely the way to go if you are going to offer secure credit card payments.

Fast payment is the next thing you need to look for. Every company charges a fee for this service, but even that fee is not as important as fast deposits. Some companies can take up to a week to deposit your money, while others offer next day deposits, so you have almost immediate access to your funds.

Yes, you do need to consider the price of the service and settle on a plan that serves your needs best, but if it comes down to more security for more money, you are much better off to make the choice for better security, than to risk losing everything to save a few pennies.

Tips When Choosing the Best Payment Method

The Internet has allowed for a lot of options when it comes to making payments. When you are in business using the Internet, or you are doing business on the go, you have to get creative about your payment options, but, at the same time, you have to make sure the payment methods work as well for you as they do for your clients. This means secure, easy transactions for the client and secure, quick access to funds for you.

PayPal: PayPal may be well known, but it has its drawbacks. In the first place, unless people work online, they may not have a PayPal account. Since some people have gotten burned doing transactions through PayPal, they won’t consider it an option and may not want to do business with you if it’s something you use. On top of that, next day deposits in your bank account aren’t even an option.

Rectangle: Rectangle credit card reader allows you to take payments right from your cell phone, using the credit card of your client’s choice. The process is encrypted, from the time the card is swiped, right up until the funds are in your account, so you don’t have to worry about security. Next day deposits mean that you have access to the cash in your bank account as soon as the next business day. Since Rectangle also offers some of the lowest payment terms of all payment processing companies, you don’t have to worry about losing funds, so you can accept payments.

Use Your iPhone as a Home Office

Use Your iPhone as a Home Office

Whether you own your own business, or you contract for someone who does, the iPhone makes it easier than ever to conduct your everyday business on the go. You don’t have to lug around a laptop, anymore, because the iPhone offers features that let you access just about anything you need to, as soon as you get it. You can also add features that make doing business even easier.

The iCloud feature lets you access your documents from anywhere, but you can also share them with other people and sync them to your other devices, so your home office is always able to access anything you have.

If you don’t already have it, get an iPhone credit card reader. The iPhone credit card reader lets you completely do away with invoicing and accept payment on a moment’s notice. Since you get next day payments, you don’t have to worry about having a long wait for the money to reach your bank.

You can share your PowerPoint presentations in high definition, so when you want to host a meeting of the minds, you have everything you need right there at your fingertips.

Cell phones have come a long way, since their inception as emergency communication devices. The technology that you have available to you is virtually endless, from creating documents and organizing your calendar, to accepting payments and keeping track of all of your accounts. Your business does not have to be complicated when you have the iPhone to help you keep it running smoothly from all angles.

Give Your Company the Gift of Mobile Payments This Holiday Season

Give Your Company the Gift of Mobile Payments This Holiday Season

Businesses all over the world are constantly searching for ways to accept payments that are more convenient and portable. Because so many people are looking for convenient ways to pay on the go, the more that businesses are able to accommodate those needs, the better their sales will be. As a business, it is important to keep up with your customers, and offer them unique and modern payment methods, unless you want to lose out to more accommodating companies. If you want to get a leg up on the competition this holiday season, give your company the gift of mobile credit card reader payment processing systems. This is ideal for businesses that do not always operate within a traditional storefront, such as repair services, real estate, traveling sales, and many others.

A mobile credit card reader is a simple device that plugs into your Smartphone and enables you to use an app, along with the device, to collect payments and send receipts. The benefit of mobile payments is more than just convenience; it is also a much more reliable way to get paid. Once a payment is processed, you get money deposited into your account the next business day. No more waiting for a monthly statement, like you do with traditional credit card terminals.

If you want to find a way to grow your business and clientele this holiday season, why not show your customers that you are a modern company and able to accommodate their on-the-go payment needs? Take your business mobile and reap the benefits in the New Year!

Why Your Interior Design Business Needs a Mobile Credit Card Reader

As an interior designer or decorator, you do the majority of your work with clients away from the office. When you accept mobile credit card payments, you can easily close contracts for design work and set up new accounts, without having to worry about billing and extra paperwork.

When you meet with a potential client, you want to get a contract signed and a deposit put down, as quickly as possible, to secure the new work. A credit card reader for iPhone devices allows you to accept the deposit with any credit or debit card, giving you the ability to sign a new account within minutes.

Your customers will appreciate the streamlined and professional image you put forth when you use a credit card reader for iPhone. This device shows that you are always ready for new clients, and that your payment acceptance processes are safe and secure.

Having the ability to accept payments wherever you are means that you do not need to maintain a public office for your clients. You can meet them in their homes or offices, which sends the message that you are willing to go the extra mile to meet with each of your clients personally.

Accepting mobile credit card payments gives your business added flexibility, while sending a polished, professional image. Whenever you meet with a potential client, be sure to have a way to accept payment on the spot, ensuring you get the work before any other designers have the chance to pitch an idea.

Work from Home as a Computer Consultant

If you have a knack for building, fixing or debugging computers, you could be sitting on a potential work-from-home business. Just about everyone you know nowadays owns a computer, sometimes more than one. With viruses, malware, trojans and other invasive programs being passed around, computers are under attack constantly. Other problems, like insufficient memory, backup problems and networking issues make this a business that will demand top quality service people and consultants, well into the foreseeable future.

You will need your tool kit and some diagnostic resources, and a vehicle, to get started. While some people will be able to bring their equipment to you, there will be those who would prefer that you come to them.  In some cases it may be beneficial to you in assessing the problem to see how their hardware is set up. You can charge extra for house calls, and you will want to factor travel time and gasoline expense into that figure, as well as wear and tear on your vehicle.

Getting paid for your service is the next step, and that is where accepting credit cards will come in handy. Computers seldom break down at convenient times. Your customers may be short of cash, but need to get up and running as quickly as possible. When you are capable of accepting credit cards, you are, in effect, providing them an additional service. You can do this simply by purchasing an attachment for your phone or mobile device that lets you read credit cards.

Market your service through your local business owner’s association and chamber of commerce. Seek referrals from satisfied customers, too. As word spreads, your sales volume will grow.

Accepting Credit Card Payments for Your Snow Plow Services

When winter arrives, so does the snow. Bushes and trees are covered in it, but, more importantly, so are roads, driveways and parking lots. It is the prime time for the snow plow industry. So many people are too busy to take care of snow removal themselves. Other do not own the equipment necessary, have physical limitations which prevent them from doing it, or simply don’t care for the work involved. This is what makes your snow plow business thrive. If you are prepared, you can hit 10 to 15 properties a day. At $50 to $100 a piece, it’s a nice living.

Obviously, the more properties you can tend in one day, the more money you can make, and making money is what you are obviously in business to do. You have invested in all the equipment you need: trucks, scrapers, plows and shovels for smaller areas. These all help you give your customers a clean and safe paved surface quickly, and get you on to the next job.

Have you done everything you can to make accepting payments convenient for your customers? Even with scheduled appointments, you may catch your customers short of cash. If you accept credit cards, getting paid on the spot is no problem. By using a simple device that attaches to one of several mobile devices, you can swipe their card and get paid. You do not have to worry about billing and collections, or about accepting checks and having to worry about whether or not they will clear. When you accept credit cards, your whole receivable process is made easier and worry-free. Your customers will appreciate the convenience, too.

Vending Cart Payment Solutions

You run a hot dog cart on a busy New York street corner, or a souvenir stand in front of a popular Washington DC tourist spot. Business is brisk, which is always a good thing. Your business has always been a cash business, and that has worked well in the past. Now, more and more people want to pay with credit and debit cards. People do not like to carry cash, anymore. You have had to turn these customers away, because you have no way of taking their payment. If you carry a cell phone, as most of us do now, you can now accept credit cards.

There are attachments you can buy that work with your cell phone. Once attached, your cell phone becomes a credit card scanner. You swipe the card, the information is transmitted securely, and the transaction is completed. When you choose a mobile card reader for your cell phone, make sure it uses secure encryption to protect both you and your customers. You have now entered the twenty-first century.

Your business is back on track and thriving because you can now accept credit cards. Word of mouth will bring you new customers who may not have otherwise discovered you. Not only will your volume grow, but you are less encumbered by having to deal with as much cash out on the street. With credit card sales, you have less cash on you – less to drop or lose; less cash at risk if you are targeted for robbery. The mobile reader will solve your payment problems for your vending business.

The Importance of Security with Mobile Credit Card Readers

The Importance of Security with Mobile Credit Card Readers

Accepting credit cards is something you have to do if you want to compete in today’s marketplace. Back at the shop, you have secured card readers. You know that your customers’ information is safe from theft or fraud. What do you do when you have to conduct business on the go? How safe are mobile credit card scanners? Can you offer the same level of security to your clients?

Secure payment solutions are a priority, of course. You have to be able to take payments when you are away from the storefront or office, from those who prefer to use credit cards. Many people who conduct this type of business are turning to mobile credit card readers that can attach to laptops or cell phones. Some of these mobile devices are not as safe as others.

Since the security of your client’s information is important, you will want to be sure the one you purchase provides safeguards against hacking. Aside from protecting your client’s data, there are stiff penalties for you if that information is obtained by a third party illegally. You could incur legal costs. There are also potential consequences for your reputation and your business, in general.

Choose secure payment solutions that use end-to-end encryption that protect data from the moment the card is read, through to the transfer of that data to your computer software. This is the only way to guarantee that both you and your clients are protected from hackers and those wanting to commit credit card fraud.